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The first in a series for the International Living Future Institute, we went to NYC to capture the story of design leader Humanscale. They are the first company to achieve the full Living Product Challenge certification. Shooting in Manhattan and New Jersey, we worked with ILFI to showcase Humanscale’s groundbreaking work at home and abroad.

Sock It to Me: Bananaman

We worked with Sock It to Me to create a spot that captures the energy, exuberance, and individuality of their brand. Perhaps there is a Bananaman inside all of us. 

PSU: The Future of Clean Water

Simon Fowler and the PSU lab are on the cutting edge of water purification technology. We worked with PSU and Oregon Best to share Simon's story.

Pro-Link: Own the Data, Own the Outcome

Construction leader Tilson Technology came to us with a common industry challenge: how can you explain a complicated piece of software in a simple and engaging way? Working closely with the animation team at Pixel Fort, we created a video to help showcase their newest product, Pro-Link.

Office Ninja

Real customer quotes were transformed into :30 spots for Sock It to Me, encouraging customers to Unleash their inner confidence. Part one finds our Lady Ninja Sarah at the office, making sure she’s on top of her game with her SITM socks. See all of the ads here.

Classroom Law Project

The Classroom Law Project approached us to create a video for use in fundraising and awareness efforts. This amazing nonprofit connects students with attorneys and judges, teaching them to be responsible and active citizens. We are proud to work with this long time Oregon nonprofit.

Truce Designs

Local apparel company Truce Designs wanted a video that reflected their ethos: stylish, unique, and eye-catching.  With an eye towards fine details and processes, we showcased the story of their shop and the creation of their products.

Sock It to Me Underwear (now available in browsers everywhere).

When Sock It to Me unleashed their new underwear line, they came to us to help with the product launch. Donning our capes and cameras, we set out to make an engaging and on-brand ad for the new rollout. Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, no, a plane! Wait, it’s Sock It to Me!

Camions of Care: Let's Talk About Periods

Featured on Huffington PostBuzzfeedThe Daily Mail, and NBC. We first met Nadya, founder of Camions of Care (now Period.) at a TedX talk. We worked with the Camions team as they grew from a small, youth-run nonprofit to a national organization addressing thousands of periods. We were honored to help them tell their story, and encourage you to check out their ongoing efforts at

Law Evolved

If there’s any industry at risk of appearing stale in the 21st century media landscape, it’s got to be law firms. Zupancic Rathbone was in the process of a website overhaul, and wanted a series of videos to fight the stigma of faceless lawyers in a stale corporate world. We produced five videos that introduced the partners at ZR and showed how their talents and expertise are more than the sum of their parts.

33 Books Company

Owner, creator, accountant, janitor, everything. These are Dave Selden’s roles at 33 Books, but we’d add a few more complimentary ones to the list. One of SuperGreat’s first projects was the awesome story of Dave and his tasting notebooks, which cover donuts to whiskey and everything between. Learn more and get your own tasting books at


SNAME approached us back in 2014 with an interesting challenge. They wanted to increase attendance to their annual maritime conference, while specifically targeting younger maritime industry professionals/students with funny, quick, and informative content. The video quickly became the talk of every water cooler in every marine engineering firm on the West Coast, and we were asked to produce follow ups in 2015 and 2016.

The Sock it To Me Story

The Sockumentary behind Portland’s success story was a lot of fun mixed with a ton of hard work, which is incidentally a pretty good description of the SITM team. When they aren’t making the best socks in the world, they find time for company laser tag and costume contests. Sound like a good place to work? As long as you aren’t a donut...

Classroom Law Project

As part of a fundraising event for the Classroom Law Project, we put together a profile for the 2016 CLP Scholarship recipient. Manaz’s amazing story and her speech at the awards helped raise funds for this important organization, which gives high schoolers an opportunity to continue their education and help their communities.

Truce Designs: Japanese Version

We worked with brilliant local designer Sho Ito to create a Japanese version of our Truce Designs profile.