Video Production in Portland, Oregon.

Video Production in Portland, Oregon.

creative services

  • We specialize in end-to-end video production, including writing, directing, shooting, editing, consulting, project management, and herding cats.

  • From script-writing to location shoots to product photography to lifestyle catalogues and look books, we’re ready to tackle your next project.

  • Creatively collaborating in a team requires wearing a number of hats. And here at SuperGreat, we are champions at wearing many hats. Think of us as the Bartholomew Cubbins of video production.

  • Every production is unique. We can scale to any size to meet the demands of your project.

4K Delivery

  • From smartphones to tablets to televisions, there are more high-resolution screens on the market than ever before. An increase in web speed and accessibility will increase demand for sharp-looking stories and advertisements.

  • Previously exclusive to high-end client shoots, beautiful, compelling high-quality video is now more affordable than ever, thanks to advances in computing power and camera equipment.

  • Our new state-of-the-art camera gear allows for professional video delivery in 4k, and frame rates up to 240 (super slow motion!).


  • Help share your success and amplify your voice with customer success stories.

  • Testimonials lend authenticity and creativity to your brand, showing off the unique and memorable ways that people, businesses and industries are using your services or products to make something truly amazing.

  • With a targeted approach to docu-style video capture, we can bring these amazing and honest success stories to a wide new audience.

social media engagement

  • Consumers expect ongoing engagement with their favorite brands, people, and organizations.

  • Consistent content distribution (weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonally) will increase sustained engagement.

  • Acquiring content for multiple rollouts and verticals can save time and money, and creates a high-quality video library that can be tapped any time.