The Process

SuperGreat is a full-service video production company. This means we’re comfortable with all aspects of  the video production process, from brainstorming to scripting, storyboarding to casting, filming to editing, and everything in between. Every project is different, and every video has a unique purpose. To make your vision come to life, get in touch


Step One: The Strategy

We will learn about your company, discuss your ideas and the goals for your video, and create a custom video strategy and budget that works for you. Based on these strategic objectives, we will work with your team to create an outline, a script, and storyboards for your video. This is the fun part, but it is also the most important; successful video projects live and die before one frame is ever captured.  The more effort and careful planning that goes into pre-production, the smoother step two will go.


Step Two: Camera’s Rolling

Whether it’s on location, in a studio, or even overseas, our fantastic crew will capture professional video for your project. We work with experienced and dedicated industry professionals to help realize your vision and transform your great idea into a SuperGreat video.   

Step Three: The Edit


Here's where the magic happens.  Audio sweetening, color correction, animation, graphics... we’re committed to bringing your projects to the screen as quickly as possible. We’ll share rounds of review with you and your team, and with your input we’ll bring the project across the finish line. 



How long does it take? How much does it cost? The cost and timeline of a video are entirely dependent on the content of the project. Because we have a light crew and minimal overhead, your money ends up on the screen (where you want it).